Earthquake Fundraiser update

By edmonddantes,

Dear Famee Furlane members, friends and supporters,

I take advantage of this space to report on the results of the Earthquake Fundraiser.

I was thrilled to be invited to San Benedetto del Tronto on December 22nd, to be part of the ceremony organized by Omnibus Omnes which delivered scholarships to the young students of Arquata del Tronto.

I felt it was so important to represent Famee Furlane and all of you, but at the same time it was an opportunity to understand how these people are doing after one year from the Earthquake. It has to be noted that the ceremony was held in San Benedetto del Tronto because the town of Arquata is completely destroyed, therefore they did not have adequate facilities to host this event.

Once I got there, I found out that our donation as well as donations from other supporters of Omnibus Omnes allowed them to deliver about 20 scholarships for students from JK to High School, a donation to a new family, a donation to two cute twins born in 2017 and finally a donation to a young lady who established her business in Arquata.

I had the honour of handing out scholarships to two girls, Giorgia and Ambra, who are in Elementary School, and I will never forget their excitement as well as the gratitude of their parents. Their happiness was my happiness, and I believe yours as well. Our club decided to partner with Omnibus Omnes and their initiative because we strongly believe that in situations like these, the rebuilding process has to start in the hearts of the victims. As I said in my speech in San Benedetto, these kids are the future of Arquata and they have to be supported and encouraged.

Among the receivers of the scholarships there was also a family who had recently moved to Arquata from…Friuli! It was interesting to hear their story but what I noticed in them, and in all the community at large, was their will to carry on and rebuild with a smile on their face and lots of hope in their heart. I found myself receiving so much love, appreciation, energy and strength from those who lost everything.

I will never forget their gratitude and I hope I can transfer these feelings to you as this is the result of your effort and generosity!

This experience also allowed me to ask about how the situation in Arquata del Tronto is. Even though there are lots of families who have moved to prefabs (“le casette”, as we call them in Italy), many of them are still temporarily “living” in other structures. At the same time, also businesses are slowly starting to get back on track, but there is still lots of work that needs to be done. We Furlans, experiencing first hand the destructive power of the earthquake in 1976, know very well that places and people take years to rebuild after such tragedy. But if there is one request that the entire community asked us is to not be forgotten.

For this reason I encourage you to continue supporting Omnibus Omnes. It is a very diligent and wonderful non-profit organization who is doing so much to help their community. Continued donations can be done and you can find all information by browsing their website (

Again I thank you very much for your generosity and support in this wonderful cause,


Monica De Paoli, Board Memeber of the Famee Furlane of Hamilton.

Pictures: courtesy of Raffaella Milandri and Omnibus Omnes

Article: courtesy of Corriere Adriatico

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Upcoming events for January and February 2018

By edmonddantes,

Dear Famee Furlane members, friends and supporters,

on behalf of all of us we wish you a great New Year!

To start it off in a good way here are a few events coming up soon:

January 26th: Euchre Night

January 27th: Baccala Dinner

February 10th: Valentine’s dinner and dance

We also would like to inform you that our Tuesday and Wednesday bocce leagues keep on rocking and you are always welcome to join as a spare!

Please make sure to check our “Events” page, call Nadia at 905 541 4051 or join our mailing list to receive further information.

We hope to see you there!

Upcoming Events for December

By edmonddantes,

Hello Friends and Members!

Here are a few upcoming events for December…please note that all our events are open to everyone!

On Sunday December 3rd we’ll have our Christmas Brunch where all families are invited…special guest of the day will be…SANTA CLAUS!!!

On Wednesday December 13th, we’ll have our Bocce Christmas Dinner. You don’t need to be a bocce league player to come…anyone who is interested in having a fun evening with great food has to come! Donations for the Raffle are very well accepted!

On Saturday, December 16th, get your dancing shoes on and come to our hall! We’ll host a Ballroom Dancing evening! It includes a lesson and lots of dancing to follow!


Please make sure to call Nadia at 905 541 4051 for further info!

Annual General Meeting

By edmonddantes,

Dear Members of the Faemee Furlane of Hamilton,


you are invited to our General Meeting on Sunday, November 19th, 2017.

Meeting will start at 2:00pm sharp

Some upcoming events

By edmonddantes,

Hi Everyone and thank you for your support to the Famee Furlane!

It is time to give back to all our members and our annual Members’ Dinner will take place next Sunday, September 24th at 1:00pm. We hope to see you all there!

Other noteworthy events…

Vendemmia Dinner with wine competition: Saturday October 28th. Chef of the night will be Gianni Ceschia!

And if you are up to some dancing…we have Salsa Night at the Famee on Friday, November 3rd! If you don’t know how to dance salsa don’t be scared away! We’ll have a salsa lesson just before the dancing starts!

You can find all the details in our “EVENTS” page by clicking on the specific event you are planning to attend…see you there!

Update on our Central Italy Fundraiser

By edmonddantes,

Mandi members and friends of the Famee Furlane!

As you probably remember (or perhaps you were there!), we organized a fundraiser this past May, in order to help the populations of Central Italy affected by the earthquake.

Today we are happy to give you a little heads up!

We have sent your generous donations to a non profit organization called Omnibus Omnes which has the aim of helping out the population of Arquata del Tronto, one of the towns mostly affected by the earthquake.

The president of Omnibus Omnes, Raffaella Milandri, just sent us a note to thank all of us and to let us know that the entire sum will be used to support the students of Arquata del Tronto by establishing scholarships!

The award ceremony will take place this upcoming December, presumably the week before Christmas, and we have been officially invited to the event!

Once again, we thank all of you for your generous donations and for sharing our goal of helping a community in need.

We will keep you posted on the ceremony…

In the meantime, if you are still interested in making a donation or finding out more about Omnibus Omnes, you can check their website out:

Gracis di cur a duc!

Grazie di cuore a tutti!

Our heartfelt thanks to all of you!


Upcoming events…Festitalia Regional Dinner

By edmonddantes,

Hi Famee Furlane friends!

Just wanted to let you know that we’ll have our Festitalia Regional Dinner on Sunday, September 10th!

Everyone is welcome to join us in a journey through Friuli’s traditional food, and we’ll promise there will be lots of entertainment too!

Here’s a sneak peek through our menu: prosciutto, gnocchi, muset & umido just to name a few!

Tickets are $40 per person and make sure to reserve as soon as you can as it is usually a sold out event!

Please check our “Events” page for all the details…

We hope to see you there and in the meantime enjoy your summer!


Thank You!

By edmonddantes,

To all who came to celebrate Canada Day at the Famee Furlane and all the volunteers and sponsors who made this wonderful day happen, a sincere thank you from the Famee Furlane!

Our President Awarded!

By edmonddantes,

June 1st, 2017

Congratulations to our President, Peter Narduzzi, upon the reception of the

Festitalia Italian Heritage award for Education and Mentorship!